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If you are looking for an excellent criminal attorney, look no further. For over 25 years, Barbara Moreno has been effectively representing the people of High Point! If you, a friend or relative has been charged with a crime, please call The Legal Alternative immediately to discuss your case.
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The law firm of The Legal Alternative is dedicated to assertively representing clients who are being investigated or charged with criminal violations. These include everything from minor traffic violations to misdemeanors to serious felony cases. Being charged with a crime, no matter how petty or serious, can be an extremely stressful life event - call us now for help on your case!

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For many of our clients we know just appearing in court can cause anxiety for them. Our legal team understands this, and they work very closely with our clients to not only diligently protect them in court, but to guide them through the process successfully. We take each case seriously and treat it with the respect you deserve.

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Call the experts now if you think you are a suspect – if you will be questioned regarding a crime – or if you have been arrested. The Legal Alternative believes that legal representation at the earliest possible time is the best course of action for you. Our attorneys' effectiveness is a result of our commitment to our clients. 
Traffic offender saved from custody by attorney in High Point, NC
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