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If you find yourself facing a DWI, contact our professionals now. We are experienced DWI attorneys who know that the penalties and expenses of a DWI conviction can have lasting impact on your life and finances. Don't just assume your case is a lost cause - call The Legal Alternative, you can't afford not to.

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Regardless of the crime, every North Carolina charge carries potential for severe fines or sentences. That is why every type of criminal charge requires expert legal representation and assertive defense. We provide legal services for traffic tickets, criminal offenses, DWI, driving while license revoked and uncontested divorce.

High Point's top attorneys

The North Carolina criminal justice system is complex, and there are many behaviors that could result in a criminal charge. After years of study, training and successful cases, Barbara K. Moreno has become one of High Points leading authorities on criminal and traffic law, with experience in a range of areas.

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Barbara is committed to providing a valuable service for those of who need her but cannot afford high-priced attorneys. She gives face-to-face advice and is very approachable. We offer free in-office consultation for criminal matters and free telephone consultation for traffic matters. Call us today at 336-883-7900!
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